What is a barcode?

A barcode, also known as a UPC (Universal Product Code) or EAN (European Article Number), is simply a unique 12 or 13 digit number that allows both online and offline retailers to identify and track sales of your product within their inventory system.

How do Barcodes work?

When you want to sell your product(s) at any online retailer - such as Amazon - or any offline retailers, the retailer will request you fill out a product information form. This form will ask for all the basic details of the product(s) you want to sell (such as name of product, price, size, colour etc) plus also the UPC or EAN Number you want to assign to the product.

The retailer will then manually input all the information you have provided into their inventory management system. This way, when your barcode is scanned at the checkout, it brings up the form in their internal system and gives you credit for the sale. In simple terms, barcodes are simply a link between your product and the product information form you fill out for each retailer that sells your product(s).

Do I need a barcode?

The use of barcode numbers is not complusory. However if you intend to sell your products with a retailer that uses the barcode system (such as Amazon), then yes, you will need a barcode.

Do I have to have a barcode in order to sell my product online?

If the retailer you want to sell your products on requests it, then yes you need a barcode.

What is an EAN number?

Originally, EAN stood for "European Article Number". It has since been re-named "International Article Number." It refers to the barcode system used outside of Canada and the United States.

EANs and UPCs are both essentially identical to one another except that an EAN contains 13 digits whereas a UPC has only 12. The extra digit makes up part of the country code and refers to where the barcode was registered. The country code has no bearing on where the product itself was manufactured.

What is the difference between EAN and UPC?

EAN numbers are 13 digits long (can be used anywhere) and UPC numbers are 12 digits long and are mainly used in the USA and Canada, however they can still be used throughout Europe and the rest of the world. If you buy from us, we will provide you with both versions (including the artwork).

If I already have a UPC number do I need to purchase an EAN number?

In short, No. You can still sell your product in most retailers that use EAN codes. However, some international stores only accept EANs, which means it's a good idea to check with the retailer in advance.

Will my barcode work in every country?

Yes. Our barcodes will work in any country in the world that has a barcode system. Our barcodes are currently being used all over the world, which includs the UK and Europe, USA and Canada, Middle East and many countries in Asia (mainly India and China).

Will my barcode work in every retail store?

Yes, excluding a very very small number of retailers, which includes Wal-mart and Kroger's. If you are not sure, then please check with your retailer beforehand. Please note that Wal-mart (and a few other retailers) require you to be a member of GS1 and require you to get your barcodes directly from GS1. They will also require your Regsistration documents etc with GS1 as proof.

Please note that the Barcodes we sell are 100% compatible with all barcode systems in retail stores across the world. We have sold thousands of barcodes to customers all over the world over the last 4 years, and have never had a problem with our barcodes being rejected by a retailer. Barcodes Mania will give you an Authentic Certificate of Ownership stating that you legally own the numbers you purchase from us.

Will my barcodes work with Amazon (any Amazon site)?

Yes. Many of the barcodes we sell are used to list products on amazon.in, amazom.com, amazon.co.uk and other amazon sites.

Will my barcode number be unique to me?

Yes. Our Barcodes originate from GS1 US and are guaranteed to be one of a kind. You are the only person or company in the world who can legally use the Barcode number(s) you purchase from us.

Do I need to be a registered company in order to purchase barcodes?

Being a registered company is not a requirement to order barcode numbers. We regularly sell barcode numbers to both sole traders as well as registered companies.

How will I receive my barcodes if I buy from you?

You will receive your barcodes by email (in five different formats: jpeg, eps, tiff, pdf and Excel spreadsheets).

How many Barcodes do I need to purchase?

You will usually need a unique barcode number for each different product and product variation (size, colour etc). For example: if you sold a scarf in two different sizes (medium and large) and two different colours (grey and white), you would to get four different barcode numbers.

Which type of products can I use your Barcodes on?

Our Barcodes that we sell are suitable for use on any type of retail product, including all kinds of food products, CD's/DVD's, homemade products, in fact anything except for books and magazines.

Can you guarantee that every shop will accept your Barcodes?

We have been selling barcodes for many years and have thousands of customers all over the world (mainly USA, UK, China & Europe). We have never had a problem with any retail store - both online and offline - not accepting our barcodes for any reason.

However, we cannot guarantee - as no barcode company can give this kind of guarantee - that every single retailer will accept our barcodes because there is no way for us to know what barcode requirements each retailer might have. You will have to contact your retailers first to find out if they have any particular barcoding requirements (especially major department stores or large multi-international retail chains).

Are your barcodes issued by an official body?

Yes. All of our barcodes were issued by the UCC - the Uniform Code Council (now renamed GS1-US). These barcodes were originally issued in bulk to a company in the US. This company did not need all of their barcodes, so we have purchased a large quantity of unassigned barcode numbers and we are selling them on to sole traders and companies who need small quantities of barcodes at a time, and do not want to pay ongoing membership and renewal fees.

As all of our barcodes originally came from GS1-US, they are unique, authentic numbers that legally belong to our company. When our customers order barcodes from us, we pass complete ownership of the barcodes onto them.

Will the Barcodes I buy from you have my Company Prefix?

Our barcodes will not contain your company prefix. This is not important as 99.9% of retailers are not concerned whether or not your barcodes contain your company prefix. The only way you can get barcodes that have your company prefix at the start of them is to join a GS1 and pay their annual membership fees, renewal fees and so on.

What kind of information does a Barcode contain?

A barcode number does not contain any sort of product information, it is simply a unique number. When you receive your barcode numbers, you can assign them to whichever products you want to. When your retailer receives your product, they will enter your barcode number & product information into their system to connect your barcode to your product.

Do I have to pay any kind of renewal fees or annual membership fees?

No. All our prices are one time only.

Will my barcode ever expire?

No. The barcode numbers you purchase from us are yours for life. We maintain a record of every single barcode issued and to whom they were sold to. This is to make sure your barcode is never re-issued to anyone else.

Will my barcode be registered in a national database?

No. There is no requirement of any kind to register your barcode numbers with any form or type of organisation. Retailers will add your barcode number to their product database when they start selling your product.

When will I receive my barcodes order, how long does it take?

All orders are processed the very same day payment is received, seven days a week (most orders are sent almost instantly or within a few hours).

I have not received my barcodes order, where is it?

Please check your junk/spam email folders. If the order is not there, then please email us. All orders are sent as a zip file via email.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept most credit and debit cards.